East Hill Neighborhood Signs

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East Hill Pensacola - Quaint, charming, historic, and vibrant all describe East Hill, one of Pensacola's largest and most popular neighborhoods. East Hill is one of two garden districts (the other - North Hill) that developed in the early 1900s as the City of Pensacola, fueled by the burgeoning logging industry and increasing imports through the Port of Pensacola, expanded north up the hill. East Hill homes encompass a wide variety of styles and tend to be a bit smaller than those in North Hill, with the exception of the homes bordering Bayou Texar and overlooking Pensacola Bay. The borders of the neighborhood (roughly) are Fairfield Avenue to the north, Scenic Highway to the east, Bay front Parkway to the south and 9th Avenue to the west. Today the neighborhoods' shady tree lined streets, variety of home styles, proximity to parks, restaurants, shops and water access make East Hill an in demand address. Residents of East Hill can easily walk or bike to one of the many festivals held in Seville Square or Bartram Park or take in the Pensacola cultural scene by visiting art galleries, the Pensacola Symphony, the Pensacola Opera or a variety of theater and concert venues. The vision of the early city planners has provided residents with eleven neighborhood parks, most of which encompass at least an entire city block. The sprawling Bayview park on Bayou Texar covers 28 acres. The park boasts the following amenities: boat launch, picnic shelters, bocce court, tennis courts, playground equipment, dog park, recreation center, restrooms, senior center, and soccer field.