North Hill:

284 West Gonzales Street

 thumbnail North Hill: 284 West Gonzales Street

Pensacola, FL
The North Hill is a neighborhood of diverse architectural styles. The Quina home is an excellent example of the bungalow style. In 1909, in his Craftsman Homes, Gustav Stickley sought to tell what the style was all about, declaring that a bungalow was "a house reduced to its simplest form". The Craftsman tradition, always a part of the bungalow ethic, expressed a "woodness" of construction not only expressed but also emphasized with elegant joinery, beams were not only exposed but also rounded or cut at the angle that would best express both function and beauty. (Source: National Trust For Historic Preservation. "What Style is it? - A Guide to American Architecture." ISBN 0-471-14434-7).