• East-Pensacola-Heights:-600-Bayou-Blvd_07.jpg:  heart pine floor, fireplace, great room, french door, open floor plan, cottage, craftsman style
    The bungalow interior, both in plan and detail, was direct and functional. The front door opens directly into the living room which in turn connects to the dining area. The walls and ceilings are the original stucco. The Berthelot's removed the 1950's celetex tile which raised the ceiling nearly two inches and accentuated the picture molding. Standing sentinel is a heavy timber folk art carving believed to an old St. Nicholas. Dolly spotted this treasure in 1999 under a table at an annual Lion's Club flea market in Jay, N. Y., in the Adirondacks and she continues to unravel its mysterious heritage.
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